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the Ed List

Every once in a while I encounter an interesting asterism or grouping of stars. Then later I try to remember what and where it was... So I have started logging these as the "Ed List". Each item will get an Ed List number, and a nickname. The reason I am using Ed List instead of Hitchcock List is that some day, perhaps one of these will turn out to be something - in which case my last name can be reserved for that hypothetical eventuality. You never know though, think of Markov 1... . So far, these are fairly bright asterisms easily found in binoculars. Anyway, here are the first entries in the Ed List:

Ed 1

  • Location: 04:00 63 in Camelopardalis.
  • Description: 3 degree long chain of stars
  • nickname: The Bling String (though you may already know it as "Kemble's Cascade", which is perhaps more poetic)

Ed 2

  • Location: 23:00 50 in Andromeda
  • Description: miniature dipper
  • nickname: The Really Little Dipper

Ed 3

  • Location: 20:30 20 in Delphinus
  • Description: small grouping of stars reminiscent of Orion
  • nickname: Orion's Little Brother Jeff

 Ed 4

  • Location: 03:48  23.5 in Taurus
  • Description: string of stars protruding SW off of the Pleiades star cluster
  • nickname: Fish Poo (those of you who have fish will understand when you see it...)

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