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BinStar is software written in Delphi specifically for the purpose of taking binary star measurements by using AVI video segments of binary stars drifting across the field of view. Using the drift rate and declination of the star to self-calibrate, an average of results from multiple frames is used. The purpose is to enable binary star measures to be taken with a simple webcam. The calculations assume a camera with square pixels - later versions may take alternate pixel geometries into consideration.


There are limitations to the functionality of this software. Stars that are very dim, too close for clear separation to be distinguished, or with a high magnitude difference may not be measured accurately. Also, this version of the program uses live screen images for the analysis, so it must be run in the foreground. Sinc this is designed for webcam use, it is not currently designed to accept frame sizes larger than 640x480 pixels.

At right are links to the instruction page (this is also included with the installation) and to the download page.  

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